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01-27-2013, 07:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Tim Erixons Dad View Post
That seems like complete nonsense to me. Tell that to pub and bar owners around Calgary during the lockout.

This is also nonsense. In the Flames case, most season ticket holders are very wealthy individuals who can drop upwards of 10K a year on tickets. Money that would likely be going towards their second home in Arizona, or vacations, or investments outside of Calgary... not on a night out at some restaurant.

Also doesn't apply to Calgary, as our owners are from Calgary and live in Calgary. Players also live in Calgary for at least half the year.

None of these points are so strong that they warrant the ridiculous conclusion that sports team have no measurable effect on the economy. Wouldn't have expecting anything more from an article from a conservative public policy thinktank like Goldwater though.

This is why I dropped out of my economics degree. Economists like to think they are so scientific yet their models ignore tons of real world factors. Arguments often build off existing conservative views instead of starting on neutral ground. There's a reason economics is still considered an "art" like sociology and political science and doesn't get categorized as a business or scientific faculties, at least at the U of C.

And before someone accuses me of being some hippie liberal, I'm a very moderate person. I would be reluctant to give a significant amount of public money to the very rich Calgary Flames owners for the new arena. I just think this article is ********, perfect example of useless economist blather being portrayed as fact.
I think I was too hard on you; you make some valid points. Economics are an art for good reason. Despite good logic, its not testable. And where it has been tested, it's unethical. I agree our economic education has a free market agenda. I understand that cooperative models are not taught in great detail.

Anyways, I'm not saying a sports team doesn't stimulate the local economy, I'm saying it's in contention and questionable. I'm a hockey fan, yes, but only 1 in every 10 people I meet is one as well. Should they swallow the arguement that important resources get allocated to entertainment industry that only benefits some?

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