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Originally Posted by garry1221 View Post
The biggest change that needs to happen is every team playing in every arena. The easiest way to accomplish this is with the 4 division(conference) alignment. I'm also a fan of divisional playoffs. The naysayers will say more than half the season is played outside the division, so how's it fair? I'd argue that a meaningful bulk of games would still be played in your division to make it 'fair'. If you're playing 5 or 6 games vs your division, how can there be an arguement that team x in div a making the playoffs over team y in div b isn't fair.

As I'm writing this, the only caveat I'd make to a strict divisional playoff could be if botth team y's inter and intra divisional record was better, then I'd say there might be merit against strict top 4 divisional playoff. Who knows if that would ever happen with the new alignment. To my initial point, if you're going to market players, then you better send them coast to coast each season.
It's simply not logical, and not being logical then players, teams, and eventually fans won't see the sense in it. Hey, it sounds nice, every team playing every other team at minimum in a Home-and-home, but when you do the calculation of how many games that adds up to...
currently it would be 30 games out of 82 = 36.5% of the Season against teams not competing in the Standings.
with a 4-Conference setup, it would be 44 or 46 games out of 82 = 53.5 - 56% of games against teams not competing in the Standings.
There is zero logic in that!

Hell, a team could win all of its games outside of its Division/Conference, win only 1 game against its own Div/Conf opponents and still win the Div/Conf.

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