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01-27-2013, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
The Blues ARE tired! Haven't you noticed them constantly losing the puck in their skates and not being able to keep control of the puck along with their stride. That's what happens when you get tired. You think your legs will get you up to X position, but your fatigue makes it so they don't make it that far (your strides are weaker), but your arms are pushing the puck ahead.

So, with your body not keeping up, the puck dribbles off your stick and the opponent picks it up. When you are skating without the puck, you just arrive late to all the places you think you'll get to, and you lose the race to the puck, passes to you sail by and are intercepted by opponents. It's ugly, and you most often lose the game because of it. That's partly why The Blues lost to Chicago.
Perhaps I should worded it differently. I realize they are tired. But they are playing with much more "zip" than I expected. I see guys winning foot races to get pucks and winning battles against the boards. I kind of expected Minnesota to walk all over us.

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