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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
I'm not worried about there being no expansion; as you said, the scheduling format could be adjusted to fit 30 teams.

The key point for me is this: 2 games against all other Conference teams means too many games against teams that any particular team isn't directly competing with in the Standings; and that goes doubly if you have a 4-Conference (rather than Division) setup. So ok, under that scenario Detroit, in its Central Division, only has to play 2 games against all Western Division (which includes PTZ) teams; but again, that means 46 to 48 games (more than 1/2), in an 82-84 game schedule, played outside of the Conference/Division in which a team is competing to gain a Playoff position. That's far too many, no matter how appealing it might sound to have a Home-and-home against all teams in the League. MLB can do it, but look at the number of games they play in a Season. The schedule format I suggested means only slightly more than 1/4 of a Season's games is played outside the Conference.

That Detroit fix scheduling format couldn't possibly last; scheduling formats get changed quite regularly, and many teams in the League would eventually complain about so many games against teams they don't directly compete with; and the fans will eventually complain as well,... fan preferences change with the wind.

That uneven play will eventually go away (with expansion), though there is no real reason why it should be to begin with. No, again, as I responded to MNN above, fans and teams alike will get tried of having so many games against teams which their team doesn't directly compete with in the Standings. That's be the big issue sooner rather than later. On top of that, if the League sticks with the idea of a strick top-4 making the Playoffs, then again many fans will ultimately not like an increase in the number of teams with better records not making the Playoffs. But I think the first issue is really the primary one.
With fewer games in conference and each of those in conference being heavily weighted, I would think the competition level would be that much higher during those critical games.

Perhaps this works from a marketing standpoint?

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