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01-27-2013, 08:16 PM
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Yes, leaf fans are 100% the worst fans in the NHL.

But for entirely different reasons than what the OP is suggesting.

The 'good' leaf fans are the ones that are critical of the pathetic organization. Not the ones blindly defending it.

The leafs are the richest team in the league with dramatic financial advantages over a substantial amount of the competition (even with the cap), yet still have the longest cup AND playoff drought.

If the leafs had 'good' fans, EVERY thread on this forum would be negative. EVERY fan should be utterly irate, posting entirely in all caps, wih bolded lettering.

Fans should be booing the team the very SECOND the team steps on the ice, till the very moment they leave. Even when we score... Even when we win a game (I know it's rare), we should boo.

Good leaf fans would be throwing waffles on the ice every possible second. Not just at home, but on the road. W have such a big fan base that we could do this. We should make the entire sport unplayable due to waffles. We should throw waffles at players on the street, at the acc at all times, at the leafs bus, and at the players families.

These are things that "good" fans would do.

Unfortunately, Toronto is full of terrible fans who blindly cheer and make excuses for he inexcusable.
So yes... The leafs DEFINITELY have te worst fans in the NHL.

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