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01-27-2013, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
Only three teams in the NHL averaged 3 or more goals a game last season. Pittsburgh (3.33), Boston and Philadelphia (3.17 each). We averaged 2.83/game. Averaging 3 goals a game throughout a season rarely happens. Basically every team will average between 2 and 3 a game. The Kings were actually second-to-last in goals per game last year, they just happened to catch fire at the right time. Philly and Pittsburgh also gave up more goals than we did, which is a factor in my mind of just how we play. We play a defensive style and hope to get as much offensive contributions as possible.

Offense gets noticed but defense wins games. Two of those top three teams in offense didn't get out of the first round, while the Kings won the Cup.

Yeah I'm trying to not worry too much about it right now. We started off really badly last year also and I think the way we're playing right now is a lot better than the struggling we had last season. Right now we just aren't catching many breaks. Last year we were just outplayed all the time.

Ok I get it.. Let me put it another way with the current roster I am not comfortable with the offensive production to compete this year with the western confrence. It will take 3 goals on any given night in the west to get a win. Florida and Columbus are the two teams in the league with poorer goal production.

And while its early in the season when will you be concerned???
In 7 games 1/4 of the season is done So Feb 10 will be game 10 is that the time to get concerned? theres a real chance that on the morning of feb 13th the Preds have 10 points or less. Its probably going to take 60 point to make playoffs so that means 50 points in 38 games or playing .6578 hockey.

So when will you become concerned.

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