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01-27-2013, 08:28 PM
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LOL at you guys thinking that's cluttered. I've had cases with easily triple that amount of wires running around.

Has zip affect on performance so who cares

Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
I have this PSU, it's fantastic. Though I still consider modular overrated.

Because the way they design these stupid modern cable chains you have to run the molex separate from the SATA power. So what ends up happening is if you need just ONE molex connection for a legacy device or a fan, you have to run an entire chain of 4 molex connections. And if you need a 4pin mini molex you are utterly screwed.

Though one thing about Ix's picture does interest me. He seems to be running a double molex to PCIe power adapter. I'm not sure why? Any modern power supply will have at least one 6 pin PCIe which is all his 660 needs. That's where 90% of the clutter you are seeing is coming from.

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