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12-14-2003, 11:03 PM
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I'd be willing to bet that the GMs of the league know more about the inherent qualities of the players league-wide than we do. They have scouting reports, over many years, from trusted and respected sources. Each team has its own scouting staff in which they place their trust. Do the cumulation of these reports and observations tell the whole story about a player, goalie or skater? Hell no, but they are so far ahead of what us fans observe on a casual basis.

My small diatribe there was to illustrate that (amongst other things) the numbers we see are only a part of how each individual team evaluates players, in this case goalies. Save percentage, GAA, overall team defense; a few of the many components. Each small part is taken in context and evaluated thusly.

When dealing with six or seven figure contracts, exchanges of such a large magnitude, the smaller details are always examined. And in the light of an uncertain financial future (ie the new CBA whenever it happens), you can bet each deal is looked upon with some pretty heavy scrutiny.

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