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01-27-2013, 08:53 PM
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It's really hard to rate how good/bad Snow is

-He has to work on a shoestring budget(so it hard to rate him against a GM that has free reign to do as he pleases)
-He is good at signing player to good contracts
-Good at picking up table scraps
-hasn't made any terrible deals(in terms of actual trades he did made I would rate him a positive but...)

-can't make any good deals that will improve the team immediately
-terrible getting any returns for players that obviously won't resign with us in the summer(I understand think player X is worth so much but if you can't get that at the trade deadline dump him for the best offer, how many extra picks could the Islanders get if they just unloaded guys for the best offer such as Biron, Martinek, etc. It's just a case of bad asset management)

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