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01-27-2013, 09:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Observer View Post
Do you mean the salary cap that allows the leafs to spend up $16 million more than a substantial amount of the competition?
Huh? The Leafs are under the same cap as the rest of the league. The Leafs have more money than other teams, but that does not mean there is a cap that allows them to spend $16 million more than a substantial amount of the competition as you claim. There are teams that choose to spend far less than the cap, but that still doesn't mean that the Leafs are allowed to spend more than others.

Remember, this isn't baseball and not every pro team can operate like the Yankees.

If you are talking about available cap space (which isn't entirely clear due to your atrocious grammar and sentence structure) then that is a different issue and one that cannot be judged until this summer when that cap space actually kicks in and they are able to spend on free agents.

And I think that while some of my ideas are over the top, they are still MUCH more sane than blindly cheering for something that is so pathetically ****ing despicable.

No, your suggestion that Leafs players be booed even when they score or win was not sane in any way. In fact, it was completely and utterly moronic.

And seriously man, you might want to consider taking some Valium. Or a Midol.

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