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12-14-2003, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by BostonGrl819
Wow, you guys don't miss a chance to bash Americans do you...way to stereotype!

The "Miracle on Ice" wasn't just about the game, it was about where our country was at the time.

We were still involved in a Cold War with Russia, our economy was in a recession, and we were in the middle of the Iran Hostage Crisis. The team AND the game united a country.
Wow... This thread just died quickly! Time for Necrophile to step in now...

Nevertheless, while your rebuttal is well thought-out and politely spiteful, you perhaps - just an assumption - fail to understand the complex dynamics of the Canadian-American relationship... at least from the Canadian perspective.

Perhaps we didn't pass up on an easy opportunity to bash Americans - so what?

The fact that you should even make mention of such a sillyness as the aforementionned "recession" constitutes a satisfactory display of the dubiousness of American thought. After all, having a minute percentage of American men and women without jobs is truly a crisis of epic proportions. This is especially true when we consider the reality of life outside of your America.

OK, I should stop writing now... Too bad this isn't a political forum...

Originally Posted by BostonGrl819
The "Miracle on Ice" also spurred the expansion and development of hockey (especially youth hockey) in the U.S.
Technically, you can thank the "Miracle on Ice" for your beloved Komisarek and Higgins (I'm sure there are others).
Mayhap, fellow hockey fan. But perhaps this miracle on ice forgot to get American sports fans excited enough to keep attending their local NHL teams' games. It's gotten to where teams like the FLORIDA Panthers have to list a 15,000 fan attendance to save face, while only having about 5,000-10,000 people actually show up for the game?

And by the way, they call Detroit Hockeytown? That excessively bold statement is false in so many ways... Which team had the best attendance record in the entire NHL last season? Montreal. And despite the fact that the Habs missed the playoffs... again! The team couldn't even put up a decent show on the ice, and yet could still manage - without any superstar ticket-seller - to attract more people to its games than any other team in the league? Oh and hockey is the number (7?) sport in US TV ratings? That's sad...

Oh well, I'm sure I have other things to say, but lack of sleep has finally caught up to me.

Sans rancune, ma chère.

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