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01-27-2013, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Feel The Heat View Post
Who is talking about spending money on just other entertainment. I'm talking about job creation, attracting corporations, Cubs reinvest in the community, donating time and money to charities etc
These corporations and employees who pay taxes, Players who pay taxes.

They might have done fine but they were not better off.

The tax dollars created compared to tax dollars lost.
Job creation? So the concession kids couldn't find a job in Calgary Alberta otherwise? It's more like the concessions stands will have trouble finding kids to hire.

What player taxes go into the community? Property taxes? Whoopty do, so does everyone else who owns a home of the same value. Their income taxes don't go into the community (directly anyways). Don't even get me started on Corporate income and tax avoidance strategies.

Charities? A player who donates 10K to doctor's without borders isn't exactly helping our communities.

Attracting Corporations? That one you'll have to explain that one. I'm pretty sure most big businesses knows where Calgary Alberta's at. Who's out of the loop exactly?

You sound like a politician who says things like "stimulating the economy" without any explaination. Hell me getting a raise is stimulating the economy. Yet I'm not living in the world....?

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