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01-27-2013, 09:58 PM
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Originally Posted by FanHabtic View Post
What's false? Martin St.Louis is not just talented, he's gritty, strong and is powerful with a low center of gravity. He is everything that Tedenby is not. St Louis wins battles while Tedenby is just awful in a battle or on the boards. He is the antithesis of NJ Devils hockey.
I'm not arguing with you there. But just because he doesn't win battles or have a low center of gravity, doesn't mean that he doesn't have drive or grit. That's what I was disproving. I agree with you though, and that's why the Devils need to ship him out to a team that he would fit better on, in exchange for one that will fit better in their system.

Like for example, if the Devils traded Tedenby for Nick Palmieri.

There's a good chance the Devils package him with one of their extra D to fetch a bigger fish. Like if they do a Tedenby and Tallinder for Setoguchi package.

Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Because he had nice moves and scouts thought he would up his game. Same reason a lot of first round picks that don't turn out all that well become first round picks. Scouts thought there was more upside than there ended up being. I don't think he was a terrible first round pick at the time. A lot of Rangers fans were pissed when we took MDZ over him, for example. He just never really got any better after his draft year.

**** happens.
The one thing he just never got was the strength and his hockey IQ. If he developed just one or the other, he would be a very good player. Lacking both with his size and not producing is a recipe for disaster.

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