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01-27-2013, 10:23 PM
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So I'm guessing that Punk and Heyman bring up some evidence to point to the interference not being due to The Shield, therefore making the match restart something that should have never happened. I'm really hoping against hope we end up seeing a triple threat match at Mania instead of Rock/Cena II. Also hoping that if Punk isn't involved in the match that he doesn't end up getting fed to Taker at Mania. He deserves to be in a match where people actually think he might win.

Oh, and totally agree with everyone else on here. I'm okay with Punk losing the title tonight, but at least make him kick out of a finisher or two before you do it. Were they almost out of time or something?

As far as Cena winning, it's not unexpected. 2013, the year of The Boy Scout.

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