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01-27-2013, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by brewcrew8 View Post
I don't think this this loss is too much to worry about. Tampa played a great game and scored some very nice goals in the first. Flyers couldn't convert on PP early which was a momentum killer. They played a good second period just some nice saves by Lindback and no results. And what do you expect in a third period on a back to back playing sixth game in nine days.

If they can beat the rangers they can go 2-1-0 on the road trip which would be very successful but it will be a very tough game. At least Bryz will be fresh and hopefully the special teams will show up.
I agree. And I don't even think it was Tampa playing that great.

When you get a 1-0 lead early on a bad goal, you have to follow it up by scoring at least once on a 4 minute PP. They didn't have the urgency (Kimmo letting his guy go in the corner and control the puck and no one else hustling to help, for ex) and urinated the PPs away.

Then Simmonds, who REALLY needs to keep his yap shut sometimes, takes a very bad penalty after the whistle and boom, game tied.

Later, we WIN a faceoff, but can't get it out, and Talbot, who should know better, makes a half-butted attempt to block a shot and tips it in. There was no one in front. Let the goalie stop the shot or lay down and block it.

The Giroux penalty on Hall was just stupid too.

That's about the game. If your best players aren't sharp and you're a bit tired - you don't take advantage of chances and you're done.

I thought the Flyers played very well in the 2nd period, it was just one of those games when they needed someone to score. B.Schenn and Simmonds both had multiple deflections. Knuble had some good chances. Giroux had a one-timer on the PP go over the net, whereas Vinnie's was pretty lucky to sneak in there.

I thought they kept skating. I liked Gervais' play. McGinn looks like an NHL bottom lines regular to me. He's big, fast, strong and has good hands. What's not to like?

No need to panic. Go out and win 4 out of the next 6 and everything will be fine.

I thought Leighton played well. No chance on the first three goals at all, and some big saves too. He was not to blame.

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