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01-27-2013, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
I guess I must have missed something then in my viewings.

Because I saw a straight-forward type of skater, not an elusive one. In addition, I saw a guy that causes tons of problems along the boards because of his energy and willingness to insert his body physically, but didn't get to see a guy who can lean into opponents and create a scoring chance all by himself through strength and by driving to the net.

Speed is one area I was a bit iffy on myself, but I concluded his ability to beat players was from his quick first steps and energy, but not his top speed, so I was thinking how it would translate against NHL defenders who maintain better gap control and read the play better than junior players.

I think he has the potential to be an excellent 2nd liner, with a safe bet of being a great 3rd liner. A guy who can consistently score 20+ goals, be the main weapon on a PK, and be the guy you want to send out if you are down by 1 goal with 1 minute left, so he can create a turnover.

So again, I'll leave it that. If you disagree and feel he has much more than excellent 2nd line potential, that is fine. Like I said, my opinion isn't cemented due to limited viewings and I respect your opinion since you must have seen him more than me and I may have caught him during bad games. I just wanted to play the part of devil's advocate because is that what prospects are all about? None of them a sure-bets and all of them have something both positive and negative.
Not trying to pick a fight with you, I just thought your assessment of him wasnt particularly accurate or fair, but, again, some nights he can look like a world beater and others he is very quiet/pretty plain. He is a pretty streaky scorer. He can score two or three goals a game, then go a month without scoring. I dont really want to project what he can/will be in the nhl. Not sure I could if I wanted to with any accuracy.

I feel pretty comfortable saying I think I can recognize his skills/attributes at the WHL level and that is where we are in disagreement.

Originally Posted by zjh View Post
Lazar is a very good skater. His balance and strength are his best assets. He has good speed and he does occasionally blow by guys. He is a bull. Extremely strong. I don't think he is going to out skate guys at the next level, but the foundations are there for him to be a good, all-around NHL skater.

I like his tools scoring-wise. His shot is killer but I don't think he has a killer goal scorers instinct. He is incredibly smart and uses his vision and passing when you least expect it to set up a nice chance. I would like to see him show a bit more confidence in the offensive zone and play a bit more recklessly on the rush.

At the end of the day we all like Lazar here and I haven't heard a person say they don't think he will be an NHL players. If I were an NHL GM I wouldn't mind getting my hands on this guy in the middle of the first round.
I think this is a pretty accurate portrayal of Lazar. If there is anything he may be lacking atm, it would be his playmaking skills imo. I dont know if that is something he can work on or if it is something you either have or you dont.

Originally Posted by Leafs87 View Post
No I haven't watched him live. But just cause you may live in a whl area (I dunno I'm on my phone) doesn't mean you know him head to toe and everything you say is accurate.

I think he's the product of a good team.

Also I said I am surprised by the list which has lazar over klimchuck, but most lists are like that and I think lazar will be picked first but I think it's the wrong choice. See if your brain can process that.
I think my brain can process someone talking out their ass just fine. Especially in obvious cases such as this.

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