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Originally Posted by NYRangers723 View Post
Man you really despise Krieder

Where did I say that I despise him? I voted for him to be our #1 prospect in the prospect poll, did I not? This time, half a year ago, a year ago, each time I had him as our best prospect.

What I ridicule are the preposterous excuses that people come up with here. Notice that I was 100% right in saying that when the season begins, he won't do well. It was regarded as a crazy opinion, but it was based on watching his actual play in Hartford, not just remembering the hype from old scouting reports.

What the hell should I say? I should watch him stink it up in Hartford and come here to report that he's great? Do you think that when I pay money to watch Hartford games, I turn them on thinking to myself, "Man, I really hope Wiebe and Pyett impress tonight"?

No, I watch Hartford hoping that our top prospects (Kreider, Miller, McIlrath, etc) do well. But what am I supposed to say if some or all of them don't do well?

The disgusting part here isn't that a 21 year old with no pro experience isn't going to be a 30 goal scorer in his rookie season. There's nothing wrong with that. The disgusting part are the ridiculous excuses.

Now take a look at what I just wrote and tell me if I despise Kreider or the stupid excuses.

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
So the excuse for Kreider went from "the team doesn't want him to try hard in Hartford so he doesn't risk injury" to the direct opposite "the team forced him in Hartford to play through injury"?

Both excuses are equally preposterous. On the one hand, no team would tell a player he doesn't have to try hard and doesn't need to try to develop as a player when he's 21 years old and has only a few games in the pros under his belt. On the other, a team would not risk a serious problem just to have their #1 prospect play in the minors.

People are clutching at straws here to hold on to their predictions that he'll be a 25-30 goal scorer in his first season. (Even the "pessimists" were predicting he'll score 20+ goals this year.)

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