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01-27-2013, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by JetsFan815 View Post
Doesn't make any sense from the Jets PoV. In fact I would be genuinely pissed if Chevy trades for him. If we make this deal we'll have ~20million tied up on the top 4 D when Bogo signs the deal (unless Bogo is part of the package going to the Habs). It's not worth it to have that stacked a D when the forwards aren't there yet. I'd be shocked if Chevy makes this deal. If Chevy wants to make a splash he should try acquiring a forward (Ryan O'Reilly), getting another D is not the best use of resources. If we do make the trade the following players should be off the table:


If one of these players is part of the package going to Montreal then fans should be out on the streets with pitchforks ready to run Chevy out of town
The player I would want to run Chevy out of town if he traded would be Bogo. Right now PK probably has more value so we would have to add. In a couple years I think Bogo will be the better all around d-man. You add to that he likes Winnipeg and is probably as low maintenance as you can get. With him you have a loyal anchor for your defense for the next 15 years. Personally while I'm a Scheifele supporter I could live with him being part of a package for PK.

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