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01-28-2013, 12:01 AM
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I don't think they'll go the route that The Shield wasn't involved. That would be ****ing awesome if Punk got his title back as they could prove it wasn't the shield. Such a cool heel tactic and a way to keep the title reign going to Wrestlemania.

However - they aren't that ****ing smart. In fact, I almost have no faith in the writing staff to keep something good. I'm not trying to be a whiny wrestling fan, but I'm tired of people coming back here and there and getting the spotlight. Rock can come back and put someone over. He didn't come back to get wins. Put someone over and get the crowd electrified. Same w/ Lesnar. I love him back.. but seriously? He has been MIA since Summer Slam and I could give two ***** less about his match at Wrestlemania. It's not the proper way to build. It's a lazy way. The only reason I respect Taker is because he was the heart/soul of the WWF/E for so damn long.

I just won't care to buy the lesser PPVs. I'll buy the Road to Wrestlemania (Rumble-WM) and then a few here and there like MITB, TLC, or if there is a good card. It's a lost to invest in. Money, time, etc. There is a reason why the show only averages 2s/3s nowadays. The investment doesn't go back to the fans. To think - Summer of Punk and all the change.... to Rock just coming back and winning anyway. What the ****? And this is coming from one of the BIGGEST wrestling apologists out there. I make excuses for wrestling more than any human being.

How sick would WM be if it was like Taker/Rock, Punk (c) for 500 days! vs. just about anyone. Even if it is Cena.. we know those 2 put on amazing matches.

Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Del Rio/Show was absolutely awesome. Some great spots and the finish was great.

Team Hell No vs Rhodes Scholars was decent. Finish caught me off guard, as I expected RS to win.

Royal Rumble had the same effect on me as the Rock/Punk match. SOLID start but it fizzled out. Jericho absolutley stole the show. Crowd ate that up instantly. Goldust and Godfather also got some amazing pops. I loved Goldust coming out and going toe-to-toe with Cody. That was a great moment. But after Ziggler got eliminate... we were left with Sheamus, Cena and Ryback...
What a freaking moment that was when Goldust/Cody went toe to toe. The crowd was into it and it was great psychology. Cody shaking his head and Goldust coming in w/ all he had. It was the reason I love wrestling. Simple booking - you put a heel brother with a face brother and boom - instant greatness. Everyone at my house was marking out.

Originally Posted by AfroThunder396 View Post
Brad Maddox powerbombed Rock through the table.
I was really hoping he'd come down to no music and no actual number and just enter the Rumble. That would have been hilarious and Cole/JBL could have gone off on him.

Which reminds me.. JBL was freaking awesome tonight.

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