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01-27-2013, 11:04 PM
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The Rock-Punk match has been beaten to death so I'll talk about other things.

Didn't see much of the first two matches so I can't really comment. Was a little surprised they kept the belts on Hell No.

The Rumble:

I ****in marked for Jericho. I had it running in the background on my computer with the Wings on and I just heard "BREAK THE WALLS DOWNN!!" and went nuts. WWE did a great job keeping that under wraps.

Goldust was great and they gave him a nice little run. It was great when him and Cody both did the uppercut. I lol'd when Cole slipped and called him Dustin.

I was going nuts for Godfather. They couldn't have him last more than one second though? Really? Give Slater or someone a Ho Train then get thrown out.

The Final (Three) was so predictable and stupid and ruined an otherwise good match. Skip Van Goldberg ****in sucks.

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