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01-27-2013, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
Yeah, despite what some GTAers and Hamiltonians may desperately want to believe, they're actually not likely the frontrunners to get teams due to Leafs (and Sabres) opposition likely being more than enough to pull votes in the BoG away from them and towards other places, too. Also, doesn't help that Markham's arena looks near dead and Copps needs a lot of refurbishment.

Quebec City, Seattle, Houston, and Portland. Take your pick, three of those four are likely going to be the next landing spots if a team relocates and the NHL expands by two, and Houston will only happen if there's an expansion while Portland will only happen if Paul Allen's involved..
care to explain how you conclude Phoenix is relocating, NFS, WHEN YOU ALSO state tht Seattle doesn't need hockey if Hansen gets the Kings, TO BECOME The new Sonics, what if Jamison's approved the same way Hansen is approved, and remember Levin, his quote is there's no existing franchises available to be relocated, if that's true, then QC, SEA, HOU, and POR, are a moot point, if the NHL also elects to stabilize its existing markets before expansion....

as for QC, I've said all along that they should follow TNSE's lead in getting a new venue, but that's where it ends, they have a successful junior franchise, because you saw how the Habs/Nordiques rivalry killed any chances of a pro team in QC.

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