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01-27-2013, 11:20 PM
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I find it incredible that peoples seems to either believe firmly that Bergevin offer is the 2,1 millions the first year and the 2,9 millions the second year one OR that Subban is asking for Douhty money. Both of thoses has been reported by journalists covering the Habs and we have seen with time how unrealiable they are, we really have to be careful.

Then again maybe and I'm just saying maybe the plan was offering Subban 2,5 millions per year for 2 years thinking they would ask for 5 millions for 2 years and they would be meeting at the middle at 3,75 millions for 2 years or something like that in a classic negotation tactic (which would explain thoses numbers ''leaked'' by journalists).

I really think the problem is with the lenght of the contract. I would like to see Bergevin making two offers, something like 2 years at 3,5 millions OR 8 years at 4,25-4,5 millions per year which could be a major steal and if Subban accept you know he is a Habs for life in his heart and is accepting a contract that can help the team (like Pacioretty). Then again I can understand being a new GM and working in a new conference that Bergevin want a short deal to really grasp what Subban really is, which is something none of us can know by the way.

I'm a big Subban fan and I really hope they can reach an agreement, I'm just really surprised alot of fans seems to have such polarized opinions on maybe fictionals numbers...

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