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01-27-2013, 11:22 PM
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Probably gonna get flamed for this but whatevs, I quite liked the PPV. Show/ADR may not have been as good as their 1st LMS match in my opinion but still a very enjoyable match with a hilarious outcome.

Tag match was good with a surprise ending, did not think Hell No were walking out champs.

Rumble was awesome. Loved seeing Jericho come out as well as last over 40 minutes. Loved loved loved seeing Cody and Golddust go toe to toe. Great to see the Godfather pop in to say hello. While I didn't want a Cena or Ryback win, I fully expected it as well as the final 4 to consist of those 2, Ziggles and Sheamus so that didn't surprise me or really take anything away from the match for me. Biggest disappointment of the rumble match was Kane not getting some more eliminations. **** HBK, Kane is the greatest Royal Rumble performer ever.

Rock/Punk was a great match with an interesting ending. I actually liked the way it ended because it gives Punk lots of ammo in the way he got "screwed" by Vince. But I do agree he should have eaten a Rock Bottom with the elbow instead of losing to just the damn elbow. But overall I enjoyed this ppv and moreso I enjoyed reading the freakouts some of the posters had. You guys need to stop watching if you take it that personal, jesus.

Oh, and for the love of god folks, stop calling a Ziggler cash-in on WWE Title matches, his briefcase is for the Heavyweight title!

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