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01-27-2013, 11:25 PM
Crunch Time
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I was level 50, 2nd Prestige at the start of the weekend. Now I'm level 53, 3rd Prestige. I played way too much today, but I was feeling like crap from what I hope isn't a cold coming on so I wasn't planning to do much anyways.

I spent most of the time going for challenges. I finished the Lightweight, Hardline, Fast Hands, Extended Clip, Long Barrel, Fore Grip, Primary Gunfighter, and a number of other max level Prestige challenges. I also got the 1000 headshots one, after a series of games where I was putting up 10-15 headshots per game in Domination with the M27 Hybrid scope.

I unlocked all the camo for the M27 except for the ones where you have to do No Perks/No Attachments. I didn't want to do those ones since I was focusing so much on Perk/Attachment related challenges. Also got to the 75 headshot point on the MSMC, PDW, and MP7. Hit 100 headshots with the MK48.

I could have hit 55 tonight but I didn't really feel like playing anymore. At the start of the weekend my K/D was 1.00, now it's up to 1.08.

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