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01-27-2013, 11:30 PM
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Here's my questions to the Snow defenders-and it's very straight forward and simple:

-What has the team accomplished during the rebuild?

-How has the team gotten better on the ice during the rebuild?

-When should the Isles stop finishing in the bottom-5?

-When should the Isles start making the playoffs?

I don't know about anybody else-but to me after 6-7 years you need more than a 1st overall star player that was handed to you (as a result of being the worst team in the league), and bottom-5 finishes every year.

Do I think that the Isles should be contenders by now? No.

Do I think that they should finish better than they did when the rebuild started 6-7 years ago? Absolutely.

PS-Hypothetically if MM was still the GM and did exactly everything that Snow did since Snow assumed the job-you'd all be calling for his head (still). Don't pretend like you wouldn't.

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