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Originally Posted by Ryan_Habs_16 View Post
Has anyone noticed that there have been a few mistakes when it comes to awarding the assists to goals? On White's goal, they gave Moen an assist and it appears he never touches the puck, I believe the assist should go to Markov. And a few games back they gave Cole an assist on a goal and it really doesnt look like he touches the puck, that assist i think should have gone to Diaz. I know its not the end of the world, i just find it odd!
2 pts ,move on....none of those guys are in contact yrs, hurts no one...

i was watching game few nights ago, ref blows whistle ,calls a penalty on number 38......expect there was no 38 on the ice or in the line up for that fee minutes later, a laser eye surgery commercial came on,,,i laughed

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