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01-28-2013, 12:00 AM
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My humble thoughts on the PP :

I'm not even that mad that Kunitz is still on the 1st unit when he has no ****ing business being out there, or that our best scorer on the PP last year is not put in position to succeed.
Well I am a little, but it's nothing compared to my reaction when I see our breakouts, how is that possible to look so unorganized, do they even practice it? It sure doesn't look like it.

Even if they don't, on the 1st unit we have 2 elite puck carriers, then, how is that possible that both Crosby, Malkin play next to no part in our breakouts? With that in mind, how is that possible to have plays designated that leads to Neal, Letang carrying up the puck?
And to think last year it was Sullivan..

For example, why can't we see at least once a game a breakout such as Letang logging the puck up, backing off the opposing pk unit, then after crossing the red line, dropping it to Malkin coming up from behind with speed whom then proceeds to carry the puck in. It will work almost each and every time.
The worst thing is, we've done it before, some time ago but still..

Once again, the fact that we might have some difficulties once we are set up in the Ozone is comprehensible (due to lack of PP coach, complementary between the players and quality for certain roles on the 1st unit) but the zone entries should be a formality with Crosby and Malkin on this team.

So who's the ****ing genius who's responsible for this ****?
Shades of Yeo... No, actually it was better under Yeo.

One last thing, it's incredible to watch how much Sid is killing our PP (along with Kunitz and Letang of course), he is trying low percentage passes over and over again to no avail. His passing and decision making are way off. Fortunately, unlike the rest, he will get better.

On a side note, it's been a trend for him, since the start of the season, to have much better first periods than the rest of his games. Conditioning problems maybe?

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