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01-28-2013, 12:08 AM
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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
Last time I checked 2.1 2.9 or even 3.0 is a far cry from league min salary. If he was being offered 900K then I would say no that is too low but come on he isn't being offered 900K. If you thought his little brushes with Pleks etc were something last season wait till he gets back Prust will ragdoll him if he gets out of line he isn't afraid to step up to a team mate if they cross the line. That being said none of us know exactly what happened betweek PK and Pleks etc. So to that I say let the boys on the ice and in the dressing room sort it out. If it comes to blows to get a team member to take heed then so be it.
I'm testing the limits of your position.

You admit 900k is too low, okay... let's say the team came back at 900k. At that point would it be okay for PK to sit out or does he have to take it because that's what the team values him at? At what point is it okay for this guy to stand up for himself?
Originally Posted by Forsead View Post
The idea of signing a player long term to increase his value is a myth, especially for a RFA. The team that will want to get him will be more thatnhappy to be able to negotiate themselves with the player for the contract they want.

Long terms deals are scary (especially for less fortunate teams) unless the player is Malkin, Crosby or Stamkos, hell look at Ovechkin now....

5 millions isn't that much a discount to increase Subban value, it's Erik Karlsson money...
5 million is pretty standard for a 1st line blueliner. Signing Subban long term at 5 mil per is probably going to be a steal for us in the long run.

There's risk in ANY contract. Look at OV, could you have forseen him crashing and burning? Of course not.

If the discussion was paying PK 7 years at 7 mil per I could understand what you're saying but he's already a 5 million dollar player today. We have to assume he's going to get better dude he's only 23. So you sign him and hope that he gets better. If he stays the same, it's still not a bad contract.
Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
I could see character as an issue.
He hasn't done anythign to warrant being paid 2 million dollars less than he's worth.
Originally Posted by Hockey Team View Post
Another 2 years would give time to evaluate whether he matures or not. All the skill in the world is great, but a player still can't be a liability with ******** penalties.
He drew more penalties than he took.

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