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01-28-2013, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
1. This has nothing to do with video games, and everything to do with maximizing talent. Crosby has been neutralized by shadows and double-teams when it matters for long enough. He could use one winger who can command attention from checkers and make the most of his opportunities when set-up for gimmies. Maybe even create something on his own once in awhile. Don't even get me started on what a RH shot like Iggy's could do for the PP.

2. Again, the farm wouldn't be "blown up". We'd be set on the winger front with Bennett on the horizon, and more defense prospects than we can shake a stick at. The only high-end futures we'd lose would be Despres and the 1st...for a proven elite winger.

3. The Cup was great, but using it as justification for our superstar centers' wings is goofy. Should we get rid of Neal and get back Talbot and Feds for Malkin too? After all, that line earned us a Cup once.

4. The Hossa trade was absolutely worth it. We had a long playoff run and came within a game of winning the Cup...and we didn't lose a damn thing worth mentioning.
1. I just don't think we need a star for Sid's wing, we just need a good player. People keep referring to getting 'Sid's Neal'...but the thing was, James Neal wasn't a star when we acquired him (though he was a Star...aha...ha...ha...). We don't need a name, we need to be smart...and I don't think going balls to the wall to acquire a name is in any way, shape, or form smart. The consistently good teams do so because they're able to fill in replacements from their farm, not because they sell off 2 years worth of draft picks every few years.

2. You de-value 2nd rounders way too much. That's 3 consecutive years without a 2nd rounder and 2 first rounders going out in these deals...I fail to see how that isn't going to have a significant impact on the farm. Especially when the one second rounder that has already been drafted is a forward. We need guys like Bļugers to develop if we're going to sustain a high level of play for a long time.

3. That was proof that we don't need stars to win, we need hard workers who can chip in offensively to win. That doesn't mean we should connect grinders to their wings and expect to win (still blows my mind that Geno could win a Conn Smythe with those two on his wings), but that we don't need an All-Star player for results to be produced.

4. Completely missing the point of that, but yes...there isn't a Penguins fan alive that will look back and wonder what could have been had we stuck with Angelo Esposito and Daulton Leveille (the guy taken with that 1st rounder)...and Dupuis has been worth the package sent out in hindsight...but does that mean that any team should have sent that package for Pascal Dupuis? No. That's silly. The trade looks as bad as it does because Esposito's knees blew up (disregarding his play before the trade, the knees are what cost him any chance at redeeming himself) and Atlanta threw away the first round pick on a total bust....well that and Colby Armstrong fell apart because of injuries (mostly inflicted after the deal, like Esposito) and Erik Christensen was a one-trick pony that no one liked anyway. That trade doesn't look so good if we're dealing Max Pacioretty (taken 2 spots after Esposito) and Atlanta drafts someone like Jacob Markstrom (taken 2 spots after Leveille) or Vyacheslav Voynov (right after Markstrom) or Derek Stepan (taken 51st) instead of Leveille.

You and I have very different views on the direction this team should go in and it's obvious we're not going to agree. Defenders will get dealt, that much is certain...but if we make deals like the ones proposed in the OP I'm going to be ****ing furious.

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