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01-28-2013, 12:42 AM
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Brian "brought in when the habs decided they had to be all relatively small guys with vaguely latin last names" Gionta - Last season was rough for Brian, but seeing him going out there and scoring goals in the first few games reminds me of those exciting years where the habs made the third round and then took Boston to 7.

Brandon "something about toughness or a culture change or something" Prust - hard not to like, reminds me a bit of Chris Neil in that he seems to really give it his all and it elevates the play of those around him.

Rene "Timed his quality of play to make Gauthier look bad which I approve of" Bourque - I had literally no faith in him after last season, but he's working hard and even if he doesn't score much he's making himself useful and gelling with his linemates.

Raphael "I was watching the worlds the year before he signed and said to someone 'Switzerland is pretty competent' and now claims to have known Diaz would be good all along based on that alone.' Diaz - really stepping it up, showing a lot of potential that he only hinted at last season.

Andre "I don't know why he's called the General but I bet he has more leadership experience than Josh Gorges who never captained anything in his life" Markov - This guy's amazing. I never saw him play before he was injured but I can't imagine how wicked the team must have been with him.

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