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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
care to explain how you conclude Phoenix is relocating, NFS, WHEN YOU ALSO state tht Seattle doesn't need hockey if Hansen gets the Kings, TO BECOME The new Sonics, what if Jamison's approved the same way Hansen is approved, and remember Levin, his quote is there's no existing franchises available to be relocated, if that's true, then QC, SEA, HOU, and POR, are a moot point, if the NHL also elects to stabilize its existing markets before expansion....

as for QC, I've said all along that they should follow TNSE's lead in getting a new venue, but that's where it ends, they have a successful junior franchise, because you saw how the Habs/Nordiques rivalry killed any chances of a pro team in QC.
First of all, re-read what I wrote. I said none of the things you said I said.

Second.... what? That's one of the most gibberish posts I've seen in a while..... until I read your later posts in this topic.

But, to try to decipher what you're saying.... Phoenix is definitely still on the relocation block, as Jamison's purchase hasn't been finalized in the least bit, the deadline for the sweetheart municipal funding deal is rapidly approaching, and nothing that's been said or shown has suggested that he has the financial backing to purchase the team. With all that mind, yes..... they can still be discussed as a relocation option. Beyond that, the Seattle example.... again, not sure if you even read my posts, as I never said that Seattle didn't need hockey with the Sonics coming back, I stated that two teams simultaneously expanding into a market, any market, probably isn't a wise idea for the obvious fact that the two together would assuredly cut into each other's initial excitement as disposable income is limited. Also, the points made about other teams not being up for sale is probably accurate, as the Yotes are the only team really up in the air, but the notion that the league would focus first on strengthening existing markets is only based on a well-intentioned hunch on your part. Finally, uh.... don't get your point about the Habs/Nords rivalry at all. That wouldn't prevent the Nordiques from coming back in any way.

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