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Originally Posted by RattleYourSabre View Post
Link isn't working. Thanks anyways, appreciate the effort.
The link works for me, but if you PM me your email or something, I can send you a copy that way.

Originally Posted by OneManArmy View Post
In the roster update, nobody from the CHL wears visors. The hell? I guess Don Cherry made the roster update.
I think they've been that way since the game was released.
All of the kids wear Reebok gear too, when all but a handful of teams have a deal for CCM gear.

It's just pure laziness on their part.

Originally Posted by shadow1 View Post
Can anyone tell me if this game is worth buying?

I'm not completely opposed to playing low scoring games, but in NHL 12 it seemed like every other (dynasty) game I played was 1-0. I'd usually play with Colorado and at the end of 8 or 9 games Matt Duchene and Paul Stastny (who I believe were both 87 overall players) would each have one or two points yet my goalie Varlamov (84 overall I think) would have three shutouts.

Has there been a change to the gameplay or perhaps a new Dynasty mode feature that make this game a must buy?
I can't speak for anything relating to Dynasty, but if you're looking for improvement in gameplay, I'd probably stay away.
There's new mechanics like improved skating, but they also removed things they added as features a few years ago, like goalie collisions.
The skating system is great in theory but is crap in reality, as it feels like guys are skating in sand much of the time.
It was supposed to prevent things like the faster players in the NHL being caught by slow pylon defensemen, but it still happens all the time.
Players also handle the puck like an eight year old if they are going any faster than slow and are knocked off the puck with the slightest touch.
Much of this does not apply to the CPU, of course.

They also claimed to have improved the AI, but I still find that they are dumb as stumps.

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