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01-28-2013, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Soundgarden View Post
Why trade him? He almost broke our rookie records last year and he's off to rough start so we trade him while his value is the lowest?

That doesn't make sense. We finally develop someone who likes to shoot after years of complaining about it, that's been Poile's only flaw at the draft board. That just screams impatient panic move.

It really depends on the player, but I think you're jumping the gun on that one.
Well, I think we "are developing" would be more accurate, but either way I think we will clearly have to give up something to get something. If Smith doesn't really improve much but we're in good position for the playoffs I wouldn't be against trading him around the deadline or whatnot. I honestly think if we get a worthy player in return, our organization can be just fine without Smith. We saw Geoffrion finally get dealt, and I'm sure a package involving Smith can fetch something helpful from a struggling team. Smith isn't a savior and he is a perfect trade bait in the right scenario. He's a young, but not too young, developing player who has offensive instincts.

Am I against keeping him? Not at all. Do I think it's smart to see what the market value might be for him if he continues underachieving? Yes. Also, trading Smith wouldn't be a panic move. Doing something stupid like firing Trotz and/or Poile would be.

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