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01-28-2013, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Hackett View Post
I'm guessing that the consensus #1 d-man on HF is Subban.

However, for those that argue for Markov (which includes me), they can point towards one aspect where Markov is clearly better (at this stage of their respective careers anyways), which is anticipation. Markov's instincts allow the puck to seemingly follow him. On the PP, he always seems one move ahead, and instead of worrying so much about where the puck is, he is already heading towards where the puck is going next. I think subban will get better at this with experience, but Markov has mastered it.

I don't know if that explanation makes any sense but I tried, lol
Markov is superior to Subban in every aspect of the game that matters except skating. No other player has made this team better over the last decade than a healthy Markov. It's a shame that his injuries have erased the collective memories of lots of fans. They also coincided with the arrival of Subban, which further contributed to this "amnesia". If people didn't forget and still think he's not elite, then they simply don't know hockey.

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