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01-28-2013, 02:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Spitfire11 View Post
True enough. Like when Tucker went after and beat up Woolley (a complete non-fighter) shortly after we traded for him in 02-03 right in front of the Wings bench and everyone sat back and watched it. No response. You knew that team was going no where and sure enough they did. That's still my least favorite Wings team, just gutless.

And of course everyone remembers Downey tooling Laperriere for his run at Lidstrom and how that year turned out.
Downey never even played in the playoffs that year and they had the fewest fighting majors in the entire NHL that year when they won. Additionally, they had just 1 fighting major in 22 playoff games, the equivalent of just 4 fighting majors during an 82 game regular season. Kronwall also delivered tons of big hits that postseason and hid behind refs then just like he does now and there was no negative effect.

There is nothing wrong with having tough guys on the team and it can do some good. But, a team that retaliates and fights a lot is not necessarily any better than a team that generally shies away from that stuff and vice versa. The Wings had the fewest fighting majors in the NHL every single season from 05-06 to 11-12 and they were also the team with the most playoff wins during that time. That doesn't imply a causation, but play between whistles is far more important than what happens after it.

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