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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I don't know how reliable those reports are.

Timmins is assigned a lot of retroactive clairevoyance on these boards, I have read the following:

- He wanted to draft Carlson in 2008 if the Tanguay trade had not gone through.
- He wanted to draft Giroux in 2006 but was overruled.
- He begged Gainey not to trade McDonagh.

With that said, he was my choice to be made GM last year, and he is still my choice to succeed Bergevin.
reactive clairvoyance, nice phrase

people do like to shift the blame depending who it is they are trying to take a **** on at the time, be it timmins himself, gainey, gauthier, or just to apologize for timmins' ****ups

read an article with timmins in which he said he was not told or forewarned of the mcdonaugh trade so it came as a shock to him. the giroux non-draft was a ****up, plain and simple. grant mccagg told the story on this board many times as one of our american scouts completely going to bat for fischer, and so we went... and carlson, well im sure you can find plenty of headscouts who "would have drafted this guy if [...]".

also was my choice for GM. hopefully he won't be passed over next time.

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