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01-28-2013, 03:49 AM
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Got to prestige 7 yesterday. Diamond SMG's, gold Type 25, AN94 and FAL. Nearly gold SCAR. In a game that is SMG centric, AR's can be a *****. I think I'll try Hardcore like some people are suggesting.

I can't play without Toughness. If I take it off, each time I get shot, it's as if my player is having a convulsion. Most useless perks IMO are Hardwired, and the last three Type 3 perks (Extreme conditioning, Dead Silence and Awareness). Fast Hands is good if you have two primary guns. Scavenger for guns like the Skorpion, Blind Eye is good to avoid those stupid Hunter Killers. I usually go with Toughness, Flak Jacket or Ghost and Tac Mask or Engineer.

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