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01-28-2013, 04:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
The only thing more annoying than neighbors who play music really loudly is neighbors who play really bad music really loudly.

And considering the walls have to be blaring that stuff so loud that you can't think for it to even make it to this side. Christ, woman. Just because your speakers go to 11 doesn't mean you should listen to James Blunt on 11.

Still that's not as bad as the one set of neighbours that I have who live two apartment suites down from mine.

Idiotic parents who let their children scream bloody murder in the hallway. Either for no reason or because of hyperactivity or tantrums. Every afternoon the hallway outside my door sounds like an animal cage in a zoo.

As infuriating as that is, it's even worse when you're a person like myself who does not like children.

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