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Originally Posted by VladNYC View Post
Hey Vorky just curious what kind of relationship this site has to the Team. Do their articles/posts appear on slovan's official website? If this is in any way sanctioned by Slovan then its pretty nasty stuff but if this is just a bunch of idiots who have nothing to do with the organization blabbing then whatever.
it is not clubīs website, only fanclub. On the other hand, official fanclub is connected to club. So, club is responsible for fanclubīs actions (at least at arena). I understood booing Chara after "Satanīs hit". That was normal, ok. I dont see booing fans of Dinamo. Why? Because of their president?

This fanclub, especially its leaders, have bashed KHL since Slovan joined league.It started with rules for fans during matches (no megaphon), then russian refs are against Slovan, etc etc.

I understood "megaphon" case, guy did not know how KHL works. Now I dont see that.. fanclub is not place for your political opinions.

Does fanclubs of NHL clubs behave like this?

club published article today where fanclub disavowed from these statements of fanclubīs vicepresident. The hell, there is a mess in fanclub? "Righ hand does not know what left is doing"?

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