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Originally Posted by mikedeej97 View Post
Id be frustrated too if I was surrounded by what hes surrounded with. G is a playmaker, he needs guys around him that can either A. get him the puck, or B. when he gets someone else the puck, someone that can put it in the net. This team is in need of some serious offensive infusion. Lets face it, they have a team full of 3rd liners. I love Talbot, Schenn, Fedotenko, and guys like that. Championship teams need to have guys like that on their roster, but they also need a top 6 of guys that have offensive talent, which this team now lacks. Yes, they need Hartnell back, but they really need proven guys that can do things like score goals, break through the neutral zone with something resembling puck control, and adjust to smothering defense. As the team is put together now, they have no shot against any team that plays a tight-checking game (TB,NJ).
This is a young team. They are counting on B. Schenn and Couturier taking the next step this year but both are suffering from the sophomore slump, just like Richards, Carter, and Giroux did before them. If you look at the teams that are having success out of the lockout, it is veteran teams like San Jose while teams like Edmonton and the Flyers are struggling. This teams "window" really doesn't open until next year at the earliest, but probably the year after when Schenn and Couturier are in their 4th year, traditional when players put it together.

As far as struggling against tight checking teams, a lot of blame goes to Laviolette. His record against the Rangers, Devils, and Lightening for three years now has stunk, whether it was with Richards, Carter, and Pronger or the current roster. He has not had an answer to their systems with the only change up was having the defensemen stall the puck as a protest against the 1-3-1. The trap has been around long enough now that any smart coach should be able to attack it.

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