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01-28-2013, 05:21 AM
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Originally Posted by lukkas View Post
I am personally shocked that you consider yourself fan of Slovan. I haven't seen any pro-Slovan comment from you.
And? I know "a person who is not supporting the club whole match is not a fan" I know about this opinion. That is another proof of "cancer" I wrote earlier. Slovan needs more and new fans. Yes, they did not support Slovan before KHL. But who cares? They sell for tickets, merchendise, that is important. I know, you dont agree.

I don't think it is worth making a big deal out of it. They were posting stupidities when we played extraliga, they do it now.
And it is ok? Fanclub is representing all slovanīs fans, the same like president is representing country.

I somehow can't find connection between some stupid statement written in (and only) Slovak and league's reputation. I'm sure that ultras fans of CSKA or SKA aren't really professors of mathematics either.
Think about it one more time. League is not only players, clubs, but fans as well.

Ban for what? For being stupid?
Do you know about soccer Premiere League and its problems with rowdies? SKA and its ultras? Premiere League and SKA got rid of people who made problems.

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