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Originally Posted by General Granny View Post
What in the ****?
You serious?

I would make that deal any day of the week and they won't ask for Dacosta, it would be Ceci+ Zibby+ Pageau.

You got a possible franchise #1 D and you are hesitant in giving up some futures that might or may not make the NHL.

Dacosta could just end up being another Butler, Winchester instead of Kunitz or Penner, I know Murray had some success with college guys but not here in Ottawa he hasn't yet.

Ceci is still only a prospect and hasn't proven anything yet.

Gonchar has 44 games left in his contract.
You're really not looking at the big picture.

We already have a #1D franchise defenseman and not only I don't think Subban is one (he is a #2 IMO and will always be... ice-time doesn't matter), but there isn't enough space for his ego/attitude on the team. I think he has that superstar syndrome that wouldn't mesh well with the humility of guys like Spezza, Alfredsson, Phillips, Neil...

If we'd trade for Subban, we'd also have to sign him and start paying him over 5.0 (he has like 3-4 RFA years left). With Del Zotto and Kulikov recent signings, is he really worth that already? Sure, we paid Gonchar the same but he is a proven veteran on a short term UFA contract. Nature of the beast for Ottawa and UFAs, we have to offer good money to attract UFAs.

So, if Montreal of all places (one of the richest teams in the NHL) don't want to pay Subban that amount, why would Ottawa of all places (one of the smaller markets, has to be cautious with money) do? Can you explain it to me?

In my proposal, Gonchar is to even out salaries and he would replace Subban in Montreal this year. A first PP of Markov-Gonchar would certainly interest them. PP is the way they win games here.

That being said, they'd be very high on Da Costa and Pageau, not only for the french connection but that's 2 high skill guys they could develop and who could even work out better in Montreal's system rather than ours (see Desharnais for example). They really wanted to draft Pageau but we did just before them at 96th... They had the 97th pick and none since the 17th overall. They were really high on him, and in retrospect should have moved up in the draft

And please don't act like Da Costa is a nothing prospect. He has a very high skill level and creativity. This guy could easily boom. As for his defensive game, it's very underrated, he has a high-end take-away ability

Finally, same for Ceci, drafted 15th overall but the guy was Top-5 on Ottawa's list and that's what matters the most. Sens are really high on him and won't give him up easily.

It's not because he isn't setting the world of hockey on fire right after being drafted that he is losing value... Ceci has the chance to become a high-end D-man, like Subban. Even if he doesn't, he is a safe bet to develop into a quality top-4 at least.

I give the Sens the benefit of the doubt concerning drafting and development, and I guess you really should do the same.

In summary :

- Gonchar (high cap hit but only this year, works for them), replaces most of Subban's contributions except the physical play
- Cody Ceci : his value to us is at least a top-10 pick
- Da Costa : his value is probably better than a 2nd round pick, at least it should be. I wouldn't trade him for anything less than a mid first.
- Pageau : his value to us is at least a 3rd, maybe more since he is developping nicely.

Maybe it's not the best package Montreal could get for Subban, but from our point of view, it's the most we should offer. Rebuilding teams can't afford to give too much... Ceci + Zibanejad could really bite us in the ass, Montreal is in the same division



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