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12-15-2003, 03:38 AM
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Originally Posted by shaolin_goon
ok, here i must disgress upon the perception of what a miracle is. a miracle is not winning a hockey tournament, and i have the feeling that the americans are trying to spark something with the russians more than anything else now....a miracle is an act of God, something unexplainable, some impossible physically. winning a hockey game with a bunch of college kids was not a miracle, it was just a matter of work ethic, team unity and effort. the russians prolly had gotten cocky and never expected a bunch of kids to win the game. and as for uniting the country? HA! ya right! it seems that only war unites that country....and i remember something else too, i saw a book about micheal jordan a couple years back, where he is classified as a "real american hero"...what a twisted perception of what a hero does playing basketball make u a hero? last time i checked, a hero was someone who sacrified/risked his life to save many, dont see how dunking a b-ball makes u do all im saying as that americans are pretty good at making movies that the rest of the world see as just another attempt at them being cocky. it's certainly not winning them any favors...
Heck Poland already won a hockey game in a tournament against the Russians. That is alot more of a miracle. It's true however that the Russians drank all the vodka in town the night before but that would have never stopped the Poles The Russians were sure of the win and that's what happened. Not the first time in history

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