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Originally Posted by Tortorella View Post
That's a bad PP unit. No player can skate the puck in the zone from our own end flawlessly like a Karlsson or Boyle. We kill 30-40 secs trying to gain zone entry since no one on the roster seems to be capable of doing that.

I always thought that was a huge part of the problem with the Rangers, gaining the zone - I may be wrong because im being over critical of the team on this one - but i dont think theres a more deliberate and SLOW breakout coming from their own zone. The last few games it looked like they were working on this with more speed coming in from a player darting in and timing the dump in or pass, but as far as going back to retrieve a clear and getting it back into the oppositions zone, i dont think theres a slower team in the NHL.

I could think of a few reasons.

A. Lundqvist may be the worst puck handling goalie in the NHL.
I love Hank, but he should work on his stickhandling relentlessly. Not only does he remove 1/8th of the PP time by not head manning the puck as much as he should, but ES his ****** puck skills have probably lead to 1/6th more time on the defensive and a large number of giveaways. Dont underestimate this.

The mere fact that a majority of the time to Rangers have to fetch the puck behind their net instead of at the top of the circles is enough for the defense to push everyone up 15 feet and make it harder to navigate the neutral zone.

B. The lack of a true PP QB
- Hopefully DZ becomes this, but right now even hes too slow and deliberate. It shouldnt take 10-15 seconds to get back to the icing line, set a breakout and get back to the oppositions blue line. I dont care whos back there. It seems like every PP im yelling at the TV for them to get going while the PP time is clicking off, no matter what time of the game it is.

C. Lost time
- This kind of goes hand in hand with A and B, but is it me or does it always seem like the oppositions PP's are like 50% longer than the Rangers PP's? Especially the good PP teams. Wasted time like dicking around with the puck, getting outnumbered in the corners, lost faceoffs, passing it back and forth at the points (slowly), slow breakouts, dump ins (giveaways) not enough shots on net to get faceoffs... get whistles

In short, the Rangers need to manage their PP time better. Start there. If they work quicker, breakout faster, pass more decisively, get off one timers, head man the puck from their own zone, etc... then the 20-30 dead seconds they always seem to lose might be the time when they put a puck in the net.

Maybe not every time, but we are talking about a 3% increase in success which is the difference between a top 10 PP and one that sucks. Maximizing the man advantage time = decisiveness.

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