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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
1. You're **** right I'm paranoid. Another one and done, no changes to the staff, if YOU were Geno, would you be in a rush to sign an extension this summer with, for example, your buddy Kovalchuk saying 'wouldn't it be fun if we played together'? That's why I'm paranoid. I just think this 'done deal, no question' attitude around here is incredibly myopic (but typical).

2. I'm not thrilled with the guy's demeanor (CV seemed to agree that it was worth watching). But, hey, Rowdy says all is well, so all is well.

Appreciated attempt at sarcasm notwithstanding, I think it will have a little more to do with how the Pens as a team fare this year. Another one and done, no changes . . . guy wants to win another cup badly.
A couple of things make think Geno leaving is somewhat unlikely...

1. He seems like a loyal guy and I dont think hes gonna run away from a tough situation. He might get frustrated but he expects to lead the way and not merely join an already great team, imo anyway.

2. He seems comfortable in Pittsburgh and im not sure he would really like to change his situation. I think he likes Sid being the face of the team, the only team where Geno wouldnt be.

3 Hes gonna get paid here.

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