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01-28-2013, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
He also seems like the kind of coach that is fun to play for. I remember after the win Vs Florida, he was in front of the dressing room door giving props to every single player on their way back in (RDS showed it) and in 24CH, they showed something similar after the pre-game video meeting.

His reactions with Chuckie and Gally also show his "players coach" side, then way he smiled and tapped both boys in the back (similar way for Gally and Chuckie's first NHL goal)

I also love the way he rolls his lines so far, especially the fourth. They don't play much, but just before you tell yourself "I haven't seen the 4th line in a while" they're already on the ice for their shift. He also signed and put the right players in te 4th line, guys who can play on the PK as well, which makes them feel valued and avoids having those players tell themselves that they are useless. He makes everyone feel part of the team by his on ice personnel management. Perfect example of this is Moen. Normally I would say he's a 3d liner, but under these circumstances, Therrien manages his ice time on the 4th line perfectly. I don't tell myself that he is wasted and doesn't play enough, but I don't tell myself that he's playing way too much either
good post man, well said.. I thought this man was a bafoon, didnt think he could express himself properly in English, didnt really think anyone would be able to get this team going, or didnt think anyone would take him seriously. I was completely wrong, other then watching himself mumble to himself like a lunatic, Michel as exceeded all expectations I had, really looks in control and very comfortable with his decisions.

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