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01-28-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Zoidberg Jesus View Post
For 75% of the people in this thread, the "kick him while he's down" thread can be found here. It would be greatly appreciated if you could keep the schadenfreude over there.

For the other 25%, this thread wasn't started by a Caps fan. We're not looking to move him. So all the asinine "this is all I'd be willing to offer" posts... not really necessary. The "value" that should be up for discussion is the value of the return necessary for the Caps to trade Ovie, because for the time being he's still valued as a superstar and any offer that doesn't reflect that is a waste of time.
Well if you want to be like that then it would be fair to say that there is a Cap fan out there that would like to move him and want to know what other teams would offer, this thread is for him. so yes how other teams would value him is relevant (and BTW since when did it matter on these boards if something is relevant, its specualation and discussion)

is it really so outrageous to suggest that a 9.5 million dollar contract for another decade for a player under PPG in his prime years may not necessarily be worth gutting a franchise?

Leave out any assets going the other way. What id like to know is how many teams would take him right now as a UFA for 10 years $9.5 million/year?

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