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Originally Posted by Captain Coyote 96 View Post
The only mildly positive thing I can think of is that the media has been eerily quiet about GJ and there have so far been no reports from any inside sources that the Jamison deal has imploded YET. Again that could all change in the next day or two but considering Glendale is in the dark about the status of the sale has only meant good things historically, since I'm sure Bettman and Daly have learned by now that whenever they inform Glendale of the status of the sale, the 1st thing the city does is blab to the media, which allows Goldwater or Ken Jones or any other idiot to attempt to throw a wrench into everything.

Additionally the Coyotes have had the heaviest amount of marketing I've seen around the Valley, since the team played in Phoenix, because I've heard countless advertisements during primetime radio on stations such as 100.7 and the Coyotes have been airing commercials during primetime television on major local Arizona television stations. I know I'm reading tea leaves here but I truly believe Jamison is behind the marketing campaign and i doubt the NHL would organize a large scale marketing campaign if they expected the sale backfire. Also most media outlets reported that Jamison has already acquired the financing to purchase the team including Mike Sunnucks, who several weeks ago reported the financing was not secured after probably reading the BOH. Once he printed his story several reputable media sources called him out for not having any sources close to the Jamison group and he almost immediately printed a new story claiming Jamison had secured the financing. Jamison and LeBlanc were also at several games and scrimmages, which could be a positive sign.

I truly believe that if the sale falls through at the last minute, which is still extremely possible, it will be because his investors got cold feet at the last minute. Perhaps the investors are waiting as long as possible to see early attendance attendance figures before committing to purchasing the teaam. Again I'm reading tea leaves here but if the sale falls through I think it will be because the investors backed out at the last minute, since they were not confident with early season attendance figures. Obviously we won't know until the 31st. But I would say it's about 50/50 at this point in my opinion.
Oh the one thing I would dread the most in all this is the 'investors' are looking at the early attendance figures before they sign on the final dotted line. I'd tell them 'you're not buying this to make a profit off 2013 ticket sales. You're not going to see 13,500 at a Monday night Nashville game or 17,000 at a Saturday night Kings game'. Not this season; maybe in April, definitely if it's the playoffs, but no way in January.

The market is big enough to grow attendance, and coupled with the AMF and revenue sharing, they'll be given enough cushion to build this opportunity into a successful NHL franchise - successful to ownership on and off ice.

But the months-long lockout dissipated most if not all the residual exuberance the playoff run generated, the on ice results have been dreadful, and no one knows if the team will be here after this season, and the attendance is expected to be substantially better right now? Well, nobody sent that memo! There was no 'Drive to 13,000'. Maybe if the Commish & GJ had come out last May and said 'for this deal to close we need a drive to 13,000' - the deal would have already closed, or the team would have already been sold to out-of-staters for relo. But there was no memo, no suggestion that when games restarted the arena might need to be full or else the sale might fall through.

If in fact the investors are eyeing the early attendance as some tipping point, then I don't know how someone with that belief could think this sale closing has a 50-50 chance; imo someone with that belief would have to peg the chance of this sale closing at well under 50-50.

I don't know if that's the holdup; some money man/men putting the brakes on saying 'whoa I want to see the attendance numbers for the home games through the Oilers game before I agree to this!'...but I hope not.

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