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Originally Posted by onebighockeyfan View Post
In turn, if PK does really well on a 2 year deal, management can be loyal in return and reward him handsomely with a long-term, lucrative contract.
It'll be very interesting to see what the totals are if he signs.

2.5M for PK isn't a hometown discount, guys like Plekanec and Markov were said to have taken discounts. But on Markov's 2nd deal, he got the same amount despite being a huge question mark. Last year he got paid 5.75M and barely played. No hometown discount on his current deal. Plekanec at 5M isn't much of a discount, but more so of a fair value. He didn't go on the open market so he didn't get overpaid, but he got fair value. Price didn't take a discount. Neither did Gorges.
MaxPac is the only guy but he signed an extension a year into his bridge deal, and in retrospect, it might have been a smart move by him as he's already expected to miss 1/4 of the year. If he doesn't have a great year, he wouldn't have touched as much as he did imo.
PK would sign for 3M less than what he wanted. That's huge. Also, discounts are forced upon you.

To me, Bergevin has one main reason for giving PK a bridge deal. First, I don't think he wants to be tied to a contract with a guy that can rub people the wrong way. I just don't think he wants to take that risk and have to deal with such a problem. Even if that problem is way overblown. It's the only thing that makes sense considering PK said Bergevin didn't have a problem with any of the comparable Meehan brought forward. Problem isn't on the ice, or the value, it's the doubt about the chemistry with the rest of his teammates.
A side reason could also be that he's actually trying to protect PK, and himself. In his 3rd year only, if PK came in with a 5.5M price tag and struggled, both would get a lot of heat.
So, maybe he figures it's better for the kid to take a smaller deal, lay a bit lower, less pressure, and in 2years, they can renegotiate.
Could be. Only saying this because I watched 24 CH. Him and Therrien seem very focused on rebuilding this team patiently through kids. I have a hard time believing PK isn't part of their plans. But they way they spoke to Galchenyuk, to relax, no stress, and enjoy himself, makes me think they don't want to throw kids in bad situations.
So, despite what PK has done for his age, I think they might feel that taking a step back, relaxing, getting a bit less ice time and perfecting some parts of his game might be the best way to go. And you can't do that with a guy that is paid #1-2 dollars and expected to be the best.

At least, this is what I'm hoping for. It is a much different approach to the ''PK vs Management'' war that has been painted by media and fans where both sides are being selfish. It's more about looking out for what's best for everybody.

I still don't necessarily agree with this. I rather lock him up long term now at a cheaper price than in 2 years, because I have no doubt as to how good he'll become. But at least I can see some logical reasoning behind if this is actually the idea.

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