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01-28-2013, 09:33 AM
Chris Nilan
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Originally Posted by Theosis View Post
Duck in poutine? Gross.
Yep, Four Seasons in TO used to have a roughly $40 plate of poutine, with a duck confit (poached in butter, not fat, though, iirc) on top of Yukon Gold fries.

It was just about the most pimped out thing you could imagine.

Then again, I'm a southwestern Ontario francophone and la poutine means something entirely different (not even close). It's as different again as the "rappie pies" are to to frites version.

When our family gets together, poutine is definitely with fowl (goose is best), the taters are mashed, and there's a quick, flat dumpling that soaks up the thin gravy (or thick broth) to go with it.

Imagine my horror when poooooooooo-teen arrived. Yuck. The stuff is about as gross as listening to anglos pronounce it.

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